Locksmith Careers

Ever considered having a career in the trade of Locksmithing?

The locksmith is more than just duplicating a key or opening a vehicle or residence. Locksmithing is a diverse industry that includes many trades in one. The locksmith must also learn the basics of Electricity, Carpentry, and minimal aspects of Welding.

These additional trades are important to the locksmith because many lock products are electrical in nature, or carpentry for wood doors and frames, as well as welding for metal doors, frames and safe repairs.

For individuals interested in becoming a locksmith it is best to contact one of the many locksmith shops and speak with the manager about becoming a locksmith. Information on the Alberta Apprenticeship Program can be found at the Alberta Government Solicitor General website.

If you have any questions relating to a career in the Locksmith Industry, please contact us to learn more.