Automotive Security is an extensive and diverse part of the locksmith industry. Aegis covers most everything from retrieving your keys from your locked vehicle to forensic inspections for insurance companies.

At Aegis Locksmiths we strive to get you on your way! If you're locked out of your vehicle, broke a key in one of the locks or have no keys we can manufacture and electronically program a new key to get you on the move again.

From the Mechanical Lock to the Electronic Keyed and Keyless Entry Systems

Long gone are the days of simple mechanical ignitions and door lock cylinders. These days most automotive locks are controlled electronically where many vehicles are locked and unlocked with a remote transmitter and the ignition system equipped with a transponder "chip" inside the key that interacts with the ignition cylinder to complete a full circuit connection which will enable the vehicle to start. If the vehicle does not recognize the key the circuit will not be completed and the vehicle will not start.

As much as we would like to say we are able to make keys to any and every vehicle it just is not possible with the vast number of electronic variables that go into the tools and equipment required to manufacture keys to vehicles. 

Over the past 20 years the evolution of the automobile is growing at an enormous rate. In order for the locksmith to continually update the necessary equipment he or she must charge accordingly to have these tools required for making replacement keys for your vehicle. These tools and equipment cannot be found at your local hardware store and are expensive. The days of making a replacement key for your vehicle for under $100 is now replaced with an average $400+ price tag. If the tools and equipment were less expensive, so too would the key for your vehicle...